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Let Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Zazz Up Your Holidays With an Original Song

Photo: Keith Urban/Instagram

Television actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, brave “you can have a middle-part after 50” advocate Keith Urban, saw this year’s socially distanced Christmas and said “give it some zazz.” On December 24, the couple posted a video to Instagram with Urban strumming a new original Christmas song about 2020’s holiday disappointments: “It should be all green and gold, watching snow coming down, Charlie Brown, everybody gathered around the tree,” Urban sings. Kidman joins in on select lyrics when she feels like it, like the word “reindeer.” She even pulls out her famous zazz hands in the chorus. As far as Christmas duets go, we’ll take this over “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” any day.

Nicole Kidman Gives Keith Urban’s New Holiday Song Some Zazz