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Third Time’s the Harm for Kevin Spacey’s Annual Christmas Eve Video

Kevin Spacey doing an “It Gets Better” video in 2020 sounds like a perverse throwaway joke from The Other Two or Difficult People, but it is very real, and if you watch it the ghost from Ringu will find you. For Spacey’s third annual Christmas Eve YouTube address since Anthony Rapp first came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against him in 2017, he restrains himself from going full-bore Frank Underwood in favor of talking disturbingly close to the camera out of character. Spacey says, “a lot of people have reached out to me this past year and have shared their own struggles,” and that “heartbreakingly, so many have talked about things getting so bad for them that they have contemplated taking their own lives.” Spacey urges any wayward souls who would reach out to Kevin Spacey — a man who over thirty alleged victims have accused of sexual assault — to “please, please, do not take that step.” One of Spacey’s accusers, Ari Behn, took his life this time last year. Spacey titled the video “1-800 XMAS,” in what we’re assuming based on the video’s subject matter is a reference to the Logic song “1-800-273-8255” from a bunch of years ago. Spacey finishes the video with an “It Gets Better” message. This is strange and tone-deaf, because “It Gets Better” creator Dan Savage famously condemned Spacey’s 2017 for how it “excused” his sexual violence on being closeted. Also: What’s going on with Spacey’s lip?

Third Time’s the Harm for Kevin Spacey’s Christmas Video