Kristen Wiig Plays the Hits on SNL With ‘Secret Word’

Mindy Gracin is back, baby. We’re speaking of course of the terrible stage actress played by Kristen Wiig in her old recurring “Secret Word” game show sketch, in which she can’t help but blurt out the phrase she’s trying to hint at. For her hosting return on Saturday Night Live, Wiig revived the character for a holiday edition of “Secret Word,” led by Kenan Thompson as Grant Choad. You know the drill: Wiig says the phrase on her turn, says it to ruin other people’s turns, and has an accidentally dirty misreading at one point (for this edition, she sees trimming the tree as “rimming the tree” and goes on about a mouthful of splinters). As always, the best part is getting hints to the rest of Gracin’s storied, awful career, including a Hollywood orgy and a Broadway play about a blind girl who falls into a well that the New York Times called “uh oh.”

Kristen Wiig Plays the Hits on SNL with ‘Secret Word’