Kristen Wiig Harmonizes With Maya Rudolph, Kate McKinnon in SNL Monologue

Kristen Wiig brought out Maya Rudolph and Kate McKinnon for a sweet and completely inaccurate cover of “My Favorite Things,” in her opening monologue on last night’s Saturday Night Live. “Whiskers on babies and babies on buildings/ Long beards on babies and mittens with wings,” Wiig sings, before Rudolph chimes in with a list of her favorite things, which include “Pop Rocks on hot dogs” and the “musical improv of Mr. Wayne Brady.” Then Kate McKinnon joins in, at first singing the actual lyrics of the song, “Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels/ Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles,” before Wiig and Rudolph stop her. “I’m just gonna say it, that sounds racist,” Rudolph observes, before telling McKinnon that “the way the song works is to say your own favorite things.” The three close out the number by bidding good-bye to 2020 and revealing that, of course, their favorite things include each other.

Kristen Wiig Harmonizes With Maya Rudolph, Kate McKinnon