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Pete Davidson Endorses a Vibrator With His Face on It on Weekend Update

Pete Davidson had a banner week on Saturday Night Live, thanks partially to his performance as “Stu” but thanks mostly to this very good celebrity endorsement he did of an unlicensed sex toy with his face on it. Davidson started off his Weekend Update appearance with the usual reflection on his own celebrity, saying that people don’t like him. Colin Jost says, “people like you,” and Davidson retorts, “not in the right way.” In fact, they like him in a very, very wrong way. Davidson shares that he’s recently discovered an Etsy store selling Pete Davidson vibrators, complete with his face on them. Davidson tries to pivot back to the news, talking about Staten Islanders breaking social distancing orders, but he steers the convo right back to the vibrators, which he “officially” endorses as a COVID-safe way to have fun in quarantine: “It’s a quality item and it’s weirdly accurate. How did they know how white it is?” A quick look at the actual Etsy shop shows that 10 percent of proceeds from a Pete Davidson vibrator go to breast-cancer research, so it’s a kink with a cause. Now excuse us while we make one last addition to our 2020 gift guide.

Pete Davidson Endorses a Vibrator With His Face on It on SNL