SNL Went All-in on Morgan Wallen With Wall-to-Wall Wallens in This Meta Sketch

Saturday Night Live found itself embroiled in a very COVID controversy earlier this season when country singer Morgan Wallen, who was scheduled to be the musical guest for October 9, was seen on social media partying up close with people without any sort of mask or social-distancing measures less than a week before the show. Wallen was replaced by Jack White for that week, but he was given a second chance on the December 5 episode. In addition to being the musical guest, Wallen got to show his remorse in a very meta sketch in which his future-self (Jason Bateman) travels back in time to October to stop him mid-party. Bateman does a hilarious job as one-month-future Wallen, who takes the opportunity to point out that Wallen being booted wasn’t Cool Uncle Lorne’s fault, because as Bateman puts it, Michaels “ain’t no puss, he’s a goddamn man. He’s got balls the size of Toyotas. But the execs at NBC, they’re gonna force his hand, bro.” Things heighten when Bowen Yang travels back in time from two-months-in-the-future to stop Bateman’s Wallen from partying, and Pete Davidson shows up as … some guy. It’s wall-to-wall Wallens seeing who can out-Wallen Morgan Wallen to stop him from ballin’, while breaking the fourth Wall-en.

SNL Went All-in on Morgan Wallen With Wall-to-Wall Wallens