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Madison LeCroy Makes It Clear There’s No Love Lost Between Her and Shep Rose on WHHL

Some days, the “enemy” in frenemy really does a lot of heavy lifting. For Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy, Thursday was just one of those days. After an explosive episode of the Bravo series that saw multiple positive COVID-19 tests and the potential removal of the racist monument to John C. Calhoun, cast member Kathryn Dennis’s direct ancestor, in downtown Charleston, LeCroy stopped by Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live! and got candid about her feelings about the series’s erstwhile and oft-drunk protagonist Shep Rose, with whom she’s had her fair share of drama in the past. Joined by new Southern Charm castmate Leva Bonaparte, LeCroy played a fun little game with Cohen called “Shep Rose Colored Glasses” in which her only task was to say something nice about the playful playboy, and, boy, did she have a lot of trouble coming up with answers. When asked what Shep’s most attractive physical quality was, LeCroy took a long pause before saying his hair, because it’s “getting longer” and added, “I don’t like anything about his body really,” for good measure. LeCroy went on to say that Shep is “not very nice” and described his style as “the husky section at JC Penny’s” which is an absolutely savage read. But, she did admit that Shep was “kind of funny,” so I guess that’s something?

Madison LeCroy Shades Shep Rose on WHHL