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Trixie and Katya Watched Great British Baking Show and Now They’re Horny for Paul Hollywood

Netflix debuted many popular shows this year, but one of their best bits of new original programming isn’t even on Netflix at all. It’s a promotional YouTube series called I Like to Watch in which RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Katya and Trixie Mattel put on full drag to sit on a couch and watch various Netflix originals for the first time and yell about it. Whatever evil genius at Netflix corporate came up with this concept deserves a promotion, because Trixie and Katya consistently have the funniest in-the-moment takes on everything that’s put in front of them, from Tiger King to The Crown.

For this week’s holiday come-down edition, Trixie and Katya watch the Derry Girls episode of The Great British Baking Show from 2019, and offend all of England and Ireland in the process. “They seem like wild hos. I bet they’re a lot of fun,” Katya says about the Derry Girls cast. “Does he know words? How does he do acting?” Trixie wonders about soft boi Dylan Llewellyn. But Trixie and Katya (but mostly Trixie) soon become dangerously horny over “the hot judge,” which shockingly means Paul Hollywood. Watching him take bites of the Derry Girls’ trifles, Trixie imagines her obituary saying, “Paul Hollywood dicked her down until her eyeballs popped out of her skull … She died doing what she loved.” By the end of the episode, the two determine that they should judge a baking show, and we determine that Netflix should take them up on that. In Mel and Sue drag, naturally.

Watch Katya and Trixie Mattel Thirst Over Paul Hollywood