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Say ‘How You Doin’?’ to the First Trailer for Lifetime’s Wendy Williams: The Movie

How you doin’? Don’t answer that, because you’re about to be doing much better because the first trailer for Wendy Williams’s Lifetime biopic has arrived. Yes, the daytime television star and recently axed Masked Singer contestant’s life story is getting the Lifetime movie treatment and, boy, does it look juicy. Wendy Williams: The Movie stars The Oval actress Ciera Payton as the titular Williams, and follows her ascent from radio jockey to daytime TV host to legend/icon/moment, and all the bumps along the way. In the trailer, we see Wendy battle with a drug addiction, wrestle with her ex-husband Ken Hunter’s infidelity during their marriage, and famously faint on national television while dressed as the Statue of Liberty. If you’re nervous about how the famously outspoken talk show host feels about the movie, don’t worry. Wendy Williams executive-produced the biopic and will be telling her own story in a feature-length documentary that will follow the movie, which premieres on Saturday, January 30. Even though Lifetime is blessing us with a Wendy Williams biopic and a documentary, we can’t wait to see what Williams has to say about all this on Hot Topics.

Say ‘How You Doing’ to the Wendy Williams: The Movie Trailer