nye 2021

Mariah Visits From Winter Wonderland to Remind You She Also Wrote ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’

Photo: CNN

Please, lift a splash for Mariah. Between the broadcast lag, the concert noise, and both Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen being nearly ten shots deep, Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve CNN interview was permeated with a festive shadinesses that was probably in part due to the strange circumstances. The other part is Mariah’s response to Andy Cohen forgetting she also wrote the enduring holiday number one currently at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, while asking about her experience recording “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Said the singer, “Thank you. Well, first of all, I hate to always say this, but as a writer, I wrote that song.” Interjected Cohen, “I know!” Replied Carey, “Yeah, but you said ‘recorded,’ so I just had to clarify that for the folks at home.”

As if that wasn’t blissfully awkward enough, the sounds of Jennifer Lopez’s Times Square performance also starting dominating their discussion at a certain point. “What’s going on in the background? I’m hearing music,” Mariah asked. “We’ve got JLO behind us, actually,” explained Cohen. Even after all this time, at least by sound alone, she still doesn’t know her.

Winter Wonderland Mariah Reminds You She Also Wrote That Hit