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Andrew Yang Enters NYC Mayor Race With Darren Aronofsky–Directed Campaign Video

Not every NYC mayoral candidate can say their campaign video was directed by an acclaimed director with a penchant for scarves, but Andrew Yang can. On Wednesday, former Democratic presidential candidate and math enthusiast Andrew Yang formally entered the race for New York City’s Next Top Mayor with a campaign video directed by Darren Aronofsky. Wearing a mask that says “Forward New York,” Yang walks through the streets of New York, talking about his NYC roots, introducing key tenets of his platform like universal basic income, and dragging the Knicks. “We’ll reopen intelligently to revive our incredible culture. Maybe we can save the Knicks,” Yang says, being careful to not make any promises he can’t follow through on. As for reviving NYC’s incredible culture, Yang has a plan for that and, yes, it involves TikTok. On his campaign website, Yang promises his administration will “work to attract content-creator collectives, such as TikTok Hype Houses, where young artists collaborate,” so brace yourself for a #YangGang Hype House to move in next door. Check out Yang’s campaign video and decide whether he’s the most compelling protagonist Darren Aronofsky has worked with since Natalie Portman in Black Swan (sorry, J.Law).

Andrew Yang Enters Mayor’s Race With Aronofsky-Directed Vid