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Kicked-Off Below Deck Guest Delores Says She Was Planning to Leave Anyway

The joy of watching Below Deck isn’t about remembering the guests, but after her short-lived charter, it was clear Delores would go down in Below Deck infamy. The boat enthusiast became one of just a few guests to be kicked off their charter when she drunkenly jumped off the boat after dinner, which Captain Lee Rosbach called “the ultimate ‘fuck you’ to the captain.” On January 18’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen welcomed the woman to explain herself in a “world exclusive” interview. With a fitting video backdrop of a harbor, Delores told Cohen, “You know, the water was just beautiful. I don’t know what else to say. It was calling my name.” As for the drinking, she added, “Who’s not drunk on vacation?” Which, fair!

Looking back, Delores even saw a flaw in the whole situation. “There was no man-overboard protocol thrown out there,” she noted. (Remember, Delores lives on a boat.) “No one threw me a life ring; no one threw me a vest; no one got in the dinghy to haul my ass back in.” But that wasn’t her big, exclusive bombshell. “When I went back to my room, I had already started packing because I was going to call a water taxi to leave the next day anyway,” she told Cohen of her reaction to being kicked off. “I think we were all on the same page there.” Sure — until she jumped off the tender boat on her way back to shore. “The water was just stunning and beautiful, and I was on vacation and wanted to be in the water!” Delores conceded. Well, we’re glad it was worth it.

Kicked-Off Below Deck Guest Says She Wanted to Leave Anyway