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Casey Affleck Says He Had Nothing to Do With the Ana de Armas Cutout

The younger Affleck. Photo: Mondadori Portfolio/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Sorry, internet, Casey Affleck wasn’t actually on Ben Affleck’s breakup squad. The internet lost it at paparazzi photos of a man who looks like Casey throwing away a cardboard cutout of his big brother’s ex Ana de Armas, but he had to set the record straight in a new chat with Entertainment Tonight. “No, that’s not me, and I can’t even really say if they have totally broken up for good or whatever. I would leave that to them to speak to,” he said on Thursday, January 21. “A bunch of people sent that picture to me, and I was gonna tweet some, like, joke, response or something. And then I couldn’t think of one and a joke didn’t seem appropriate. And I don’t have Twitter so that wasn’t going to work. But it definitely wasn’t me.” As redeeming as it was to picture Casey, 45, playing “New Rules” on a loop for Ben, 48, while he throws out BenAna memorabilia, it simply didn’t go down like that.

The cutout was initially photographed by paparazzi outside of Ben’s home in June 2020, apparently left as a prank by his three kids with ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Paparazzi spotted it again earlier this week, when a man wearing a bandanna over his face was snapped throwing it in the garbage hours after reports of their breakup leaked. Neither Affleck nor de Armas have publicly commented on the relationship ending, but little bro had his two cents. “I think she’s a catch in every way,” Casey continued. “And I’ll be there to carry Ben through it, but I don’t think he’ll have any problems [either].” It’s over for the cutout, but Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s story continues. Their erotic psychological thriller, Deep Water, still hasn’t come out and won’t until August 13, 2021.

Casey Affleck Says He Didn’t Trash the Ana de Armas Cutout