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Eighth Grade’s Elsie Fisher and Minari’s Alan S. Kim Team Up for the Dark Comedy Latchkey Kids

Photo: Matt Petit - Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

The call is coming from inside the house! And it’s from David! According to Variety, Alan S. Kim, the child star of Lee Isaac Chung’s 2020 drama Minari, and Eighth Grade star Elsie Fisher have joined the upcoming dark comedy Latchkey Kids. The feature, directed by John J. Budion and written by Meaghan Cleary, will reportedly start production this June.

Per Variety, Fisher’s “eccentric teenager” befriends Kim’s “bright 9-year-old” as she seeks to escape “a dysfunctional life and mother.” In case you assumed this must be a soul-stirring drama about childhood based on the studio and the talent, however, guess again. Apparently, “local enforcement believes Kim’s character might be offing his babysitters.” See, this is why you join the Babysitters Club if you’re a teen. A rumor like that starts going around, every Kid Kit is getting packed with holy water, garlic, a crucifix, you name it. Those girls are never not prepared.

Update Friday 10:45 p.m: While a previous version of this post referred to Latchkey Kids as an upcoming A24 movie, A24 reached out to Vulture this evening to clarify that, while they are “excited to see” their alums’s new project, the film is not affiliated with A24.

Elsie Fisher and Alan S. Kim Join Dark Comedy Latchkey Kids