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Jules’s 2020 Was Worse Than Yours in the Euphoria Special Episode Trailer

As if we needed another reason to reach for a Xanax while giving thanks for not being a current high-school student, Euphoria just dropped the trailer for its second “special episode,” which passes the mopey narrative action from Rue to Jules. The episode, titled “Fuck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob,” revolves around Jules (played by a terrific Hunter Schafer) over the 2020 Christmas holiday “as she reflects on the year” filled with excellent eye looks and friendship heartbreak. “Rue was the first girl who didn’t just look at me. She actually saw me,” Jules narrates in the trailer. “The me that’s underneath a million years of not me.” The special will premiere early on HBO Max on January 22, in advance of its HBO premiere on January 24.

Euphoria Special Trailer: Jules’s 2020 Was Worse Than Yours