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Just 4 Minutes of Jane Krakowski and Drew Barrymore Shamelessly Flirting

On the January 13 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore was outfitted like she arrived at the studio that morning and told her wardrobe team, “Dress me like something bisexual will happen today.” It took all of two seconds of guest Jane Krakowski appearing onscreen, exuding beauty and charisma just by sitting with her arm draped confidently over a chair, for Barrymore to absolutely lose it, blinking her eyes in disbelief and going “helloooo” like a horny cartoon wolf seeing Betty Boop’s ankles. Krakowski nonchalantly tips a mug to the camera and says, “Just having my morning coffee, Drew, with you,” with an intonation that can only be described as “backdoor audition for Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City reboot.” Drew, flustered, says, “You might have changed my sexual preference this morning,” because she has eyes, and because Krakowski appears on a screen where the bottom of her plunging power-suit neckline is aligned perfectly with Drew’s field of vision.

Krakowski goes on to call Barrymore “human sunshine,” and Barrymore in turn says she’s been obsessed with Krakowski since National Lampoon, saying, “I’ll never forget watching that. The scene with the kissing.” This is a crush, folks. In all fairness to Drew, if Jane Krakowski appeared on a 100-inch screen in our living rooms while we were drinking our coffee, we’d do a spit take, too.

Just 4 Minutes of Jane Krakowski and Drew Barrymore Flirting