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Jimmy Fallon Busts In and Cleans Steve Kornacki’s Filthy Office As a Thank You From Us All

In the wake of Steve Kornacki’s energetic Election Night analysis, Jimmy Fallon visited the MSNBC wonk to drop off a thank-you gift (a $5 Subway gift card and an airplane bottle of whiskey, to be exact), only to learn that Kornacki’s office, also in 30 Rock, is the physical manifestation of all the chaos Steve Kornacki actively battles every day as a journalist. While Marie Kondo would have wept with joy at the amount of mess Steve has collected, our boy deserves better, which is why Fallon stopped by Monday to clean up Steve Kornacki’s filthy-ass office himself.

“We’re in khaki country now,” he muses as he wanders the empty MSNBC offices. “This feels like I’m in a horror video game.” Of course, Steve Kornacki’s filth is less unwashed coffee mugs and pistachio shells and more pre-tied neckties and an American National Election Studies Data Sourcebook 1952–1978. And if you thought he’d gush in appreciation over Fallon’s gesture, you’ve misunderstood the source of Steve Kornacki’s enthusiasm. “This is long overdue. It’ll probably last about a day or two, but it looks great right now,” Kornacki says by way of reaction when he gets the big reveal. “I feel like I had more stuff before.”

Jimmy Fallon Busts In, Cleans Steve Kornacki’s Filthy Office