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Josh Gondelman and Akilah Hughes Share Some Handy Mental-Health Tips

It may feel like a hot take to suggest that a nation that just survived an insurrection shouldn’t be glued to their televisions. But, actually, there’s a strong case to be made for doing just about anything else once in a while, for the sake of one’s long-term brain function. Take it from this week’s episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well, which featured Desus & Mero writer and author of Nice Try Josh Gondelman with Akilah Hughes, author of Obviously and co-host of the podcast What a Day, catching up on what feels like day 1 million of 2021. Midway through the chat, an audience member asked the question we’re all screaming into the sky once a day: “How to you manage mental health during all this?”

“I would like to be better at making my bedroom, where I sleep, a place where I’m not doing a lot of tech stuff,” said Hughes, whose job of hosting a daily news podcast has taught her a thing or two about screen time. “You can still be informed if you’re not watching it minute to minute.” For example, Hughes pointed out that for about an hour on Monday, everyone was waiting with bated breath to see what was happening with the State Department’s website. “I could’ve done anything! I could’ve planted a flower!” she said. Other things the two admit they could’ve done? Ridden a roller coaster, tasted all the candy bars on the top row at a 7/11, or simply gone for a walk. Imagine the possibilities.

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Josh Gondelman and Akilah Hughes’s Handy Mental-Health Tips