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Joshua Bassett Releases Video for New Single ‘Lie Lie Lie,’ Further Stirs the HSMTMTS Pot

TikTok sleuths and HSMTMTS stans get ready to overanalyze the new single from alleged heartbreaker Joshua Bassett, “Lie Lie Lie.” If you’ve been keeping up with the Disney teen drama stewing over the last week, then you know Bassett’s new song and music video may be another piece in the puzzle, or…just another John Mayer-indebted angsty guitar track. Bassett shared in an Instagram story yesterday that he wrote “Lie Lie Lie” after “[he] found out a friend had been lying about [him] behind [his] back for a long time,” dispelling rumors that the track would be a response to HSMTMTS castmate Olivia Rodrigo. On January 4, he posted the announcement of “Lie Lie Lie” an hour after Rodrigo announced “Drivers License,” a song now receiving praise from Taylor Swift and on the fast track to being a hit, which fans suspect is about Bassett. The drama furthered when HSMTMTS castmembers praised Rodrigo’s announcement much more than Bassett’s. The plot thickens!

Joshua Bassett Releases Music Video for Single ‘Lie Lie Lie’