Justin Bieber Says Rumors He’s Studying to Become a Hillsong Pastor ‘Fake News’

Photo: Kevin Mazur/AMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

Now, we might have only heard about Hillsong Church because Justin Bieber was best buds with Carl Lentz, the recently disgraced pastor of the Christian megachurch’s New York congregation, but that doesn’t mean the singer can’t also attend one of the other billion churches on the planet. On Monday, the “Anyone” singer took to his Instagram Stories to refute rumors he’s currently studying to become a pastor for Hillsong now that Lentz has been fired due to “moral failures,” including infidelity against wife and fellow pastor, Laura Lentz, among other transgressions. But Justin isn’t looking to tend to Hillsong’s flock, he says. In fact, he doesn’t even go there.

“I’m not studying to be a minster or anything even close to that,” the singer wrote. “Have no desire for that. This is fake news.” In case you were hoping to shake hands with Justin Bieber in the God-fearing way, not the meet-and-greet way, you’ll apparently find the singer at a different house of worship entirely. “And btw Hillsong is not my church… For clarity I am part of Churchome,” he wrote about the Los Angeles house of worship, another celebrity-approved Christian church that Bieber has attended since before meeting Carl and Laura Lentz. As you might recall, he performed at the church’s “pop-up” sermon at Coachella in 2018.

Rumors Justin Bieber Wants to Be Hillsong Pastor ‘Fake News’