Katherine Heigl Is Also Bewildered by Alex and Izzie’s Grey’s Anatomy Reunion

Katherine Heigl. Photo: Sundholm Magnus/Action Press/Shutterstock

Izzie Stevens may have taken Alex Karev back no problem, but actress Katherine Heigl is not so taken by their Grey’s Anatomy reunion. When Justin Chambers, one of the final remaining OG cast members, abruptly left the series in the middle of season 16 in March 2020, the writers looked to the past to decide Karev’s offscreen future. He ended up back with his former flame, whom Heigl played from 2005 to 2010. “Wasn’t he with someone?” Heigl asked in an interview with Entertainment Tonight yesterday, admitting that she “didn’t see it.” Yeah, girl. After several episodes watching his distraught wife, Jo, search for him, it was revealed that Alex left Seattle to reunite with his lost love, Izzie. Through heartbreaking letters (nope, not a phone call) to his wife and to his best friend, Meredith, it’s revealed that Izzie was raising their young twins on a horse farm in Kansas. When Karev got in contact with Izzie for Meredith’s medical-license hearing, their love rekindled, despite, you know, having a whole other wife. “Listen, isn’t that an asshole move?” Heigl commented. For all his character development across 16 seasons, of course Karev’s final decision was douchey. While Heigl doesn’t exactly approve of this story line, she has no intention of righting this wrong in an upcoming guest spot. “I would never say never but it’s not likely,” she let fans down easy.

Katherine Heigl Is Also Bewildered by That Grey’s Reunion