Keegan-Michael Key Drops Trailer for History of Sketch Comedy Podcast

Photo: Audible

Maybe you’re an absolute sketch-comedy nerd, well-versed in all the requisite Show-s, from Mr. to Kroll. Maybe your only sketch education up until this point was your dad making you watch the “Dead Parrot” sketch from Monty Python and getting angry at you when you didn’t laugh. If any of the above is true, you may probably want to know how sketches work, either as a fan, as a creator, or as someone who went to improv show for a bachelorette party one time. Thankfully, you’re in luck, because today, Audible released the first trailer for its upcoming ten-part original podcast series, The History of Sketch Comedy, hosted by Keegan-Michael Key.

In this comedy history deep dive, Key “will visit major moments in sketch history, highlighting performers and sketch shows from the first acting troupes that toured Europe in the 1500s to the rise of Variety television, and training grounds such as The Second City in Chicago. He’ll share some influential moments and sketches along the way.” As Key sagely says in the trailer for the series, “as long as there’s been human communication, there’s been stories. And as long as there’s been stories, there’s been sketch.” The History of Sketch Comedy launches for subscribers on Audible Plus beginning January 28. Aaaaaaaaaand scene.

Keegan-Michael Key Drops History of Sketch Comedy Trailer