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Leslie Jones Reaffirms Her Love for Steve Kornacki, His Khakis

Photo: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Georgia runoff elections last night brought America’s sweetheart Steve Kornacki back to his rightful place: in front of a giant touchscreen map on MSNBC, and on Leslie Jones’s television. Jones, who made her love for Kornacki very clear on Election Day last year, took to Twitter once again on Tuesday night to reaffirm her feelings for the dogged election analyst. “I heard that they’ve been using you for other bullshit,” Jones said, referring to Kornacki’s move to Sunday Night Football. “Don’t let them misuse your skills, Steve.” Jones further elaborated that Kornacki is “for us” and scolded MSNBC for “passing Steve Kornacki around like a joint — he’s not a joint!” Jones continued to livetweet Kornacki coverage throughout the night, advising him to get “at least ten pair” of khakis and at one point tweeting, “I’m scared but Steve is here so I’m good,” which is how most of us feel.

Leslie Jones Reaffirms Her Love for Steve Kornacki