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Malcolm & Marie Trailer: Zendaya and John David Washington Mope in Monochrome

Malcolm & Marie, the secret quarantine movie starring Zendaya and John David Washington, has been a mysterious operation from the start, and its new trailer, which Netflix dropped today, has only added to the intrigue. Directed by Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, the film follows Zendaya and Washington’s titular couple over one evening as they unpack their relationship, make boxed mac ’n’ cheese, and brood beautifully in black-and-white. The film has already received a considerable amount of buzz, with Netflix acquiring the title for a whopping $30 million at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. “This is not a love story,” the trailer tells us. “This is the story of love.” We’ll have to chew on that until Malcolm & Marie premieres on Netflix on February 5.

Malcolm & Marie Trailer: Zendaya, John David Washington Mope