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Mary-Kate Olsen’s Lawyer Says Divorce Is ‘Resolved’

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Mary-Kate Olsen and estranged husband Pierre Olivier Sarkozy have reached a “final agreement” in their Manhattan divorce case, his lawyer said during a video court proceeding on Wednesday. News of this settlement emerged when the judge in their case, Lori Sattler, pointed out that she had given them time to work out a deal — but had yet to see one.

“We have an agreement. We have reached a final agreement, and we appreciate the time and the latitude that you’ve given us,” Sarkozy’s lawyer, Michael Mosberg, told Sattler. Mosberg said the deal was done “as of this morning,” and that they would get it to Sattler by the end of next week, following any revisions and other formalities. Details about the deal were not discussed in court.

Sattler asked Olsen’s lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, whether that was true. Chemtob responded in the affirmative, saying, “All issues have been resolved.”

“Until I actually see the proof, I’m going to hold your feet to the fire a little bit,” Sattler said, also remarking: “I am going to keep control of this case so we make sure this gets done … let’s get this done and get them divorced.”

A screenshot from today’s virtual proceedings. Photo: Victoria Bekiempis

If the settlement goes through, it will bring an end to about six months of proceedings that had initially been characterized by high drama.

The Full House star turned fashion designer, who has been married to the French banker for five years, tried filing for divorce on May 13 as an emergency petition, because officials had largely closed courts to “nonessential matters” over COVID-19.

Olsen’s lawyers reportedly claimed in court papers that Sarkozy had sent an email giving a May 18 deadline to move her stuff out of their New York City apartment.

Olsen had alleged that Sarkozy was attempting to force her out of their $29,000-per-month Gramercy Park pad mid-pandemic, leaving her high and dry, per the New York Post. A judge ultimately decided that Olsen’s petition was “not essential,” court officials said, so she wasn’t able to officially file for divorce until May 25.

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Lawyer Says Divorce Is ‘Resolved’