Rebecca Black Is Going to Get Her Girlfriend Back

Photo: YouTube

If you have not kept tabs on 2011 viral YouTuber Rebecca Black over the years, now’s a good time to get back in the loop. The 23-year-old is back with new music that’s much more than an ode to the blessed nature of Fridays. She’s now serving up queer pop anthems with her most recent single “Girlfriend,” paired with a glamorous new music video all about getting back the girl that got away. She performs the song in a dance hall dreamy enough to make any ’80s high-school promgoer green with envy, showing off stunning looks, including a sequined power suit, a frilly pink dress with satin gloves, and makeup looks that will have Euphoria characters reaching for their eye-shadow palettes. The girlfriend she’s trying to get back joins her for a picnic in the park, where Black rocks a matching two-piece fit that screams “Come on! You’ve got to take me back!” Here’s to hoping that they got back together.

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Rebecca Black Is Going to Get Her Girlfriend Back