rubik's cubiverse

The Next Cinematic Universe You Have to Worry About Is the Rubik’s Cubiverse

Hoda and Savannah are accosted by the dreaded cube, Halloween 2017. Photo: NBCU/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via

It wasn’t enough for Variety to report that Hyde Park Entertainment and Endeavor Content are partnering to make a feature film based on Rubik’s Cubes. It wasn’t even enough for this report to add that the production company will also produce a Rubik’s Cube game show. No. They had to go ahead and hint at an entire multimedia cinematic universe, based on Rubik’s Cubes. Hyde Park’s Ashok Amritraj gave a statement, saying, “I am thrilled to partner with Endeavor Content and Rubik’s/Smiley and look forward to creating a wonderful and complex Rubik’s universe.” A wonderful and complex Rubik’s universe. A whole interconnected, serialized world of Rubik’s. We foresee the retro nerd-cube functioning like Marvel’s Tesseract before it, McGuffin-ing dozens of convoluted CGI plots into being.

This announcement failed to mention that there already is an established Rubik’s Cube lore, as seen in the Saturday morning cartoon Rubik the Amazing Cube, which ran for three whole months in 1983. Menudo sang the theme song. Educate yourselves.

Get Ready for the Rubik’s Cinematic Cubiverse