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SNL Imagines the Sex And the City Revival Theme Song, As Sung by Kim Cattrall

There’s a reason Samantha Jones is a PR tour de force and not a chanteuse. Then again, if she cared what every bitch watching SNL thought about her, she’d never leave the house. During this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, television’s most popular shows took a cue from Nicole Kidman’s The Undoing opening credits tune and imagined the lyrics to a host of popular show’s theme songs, including The Mandalorian, The CrownQueen’s Gambit, and (of course) HBO MAx’s upcoming Sex and the City revival And Just Like That…

While the show itself won’t feature any Kim Cattrall, Chloe Fineman’s version of the Sex and the City star knows exactly what the new show will be missing. “Sex And The City without Samantha/Doesn’t that sound fun?,” Fineman’s Cattrall croons. “It’s Sex and the City without the sex?/Hope you enjoy the city.” Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out we already know what iconic Kim Cattrall song should serve as the new show’s theme. Hopefully she’ll go for it.

SNL Imagines the SATC Revival Theme, As Sung by Kim Cattrall