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Actually, The Bachelor’s Matt James Thinks Victoria Is ‘Hilarious’

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

It’s only been two episodes, but The Bachelor has already unleashed one of the most uncompelling villains in the show’s history: “Queen” Victoria, a 27-year-old Los Angeles denizen who needs a nap, a better bra, and hours of therapy to help her understand why she wanted to bully a woman of color for the sake of securing more screen time. (She also may be a Trump supporter.) Leading man Matt James, though, somehow sees the humor in all of this greasy psycho nonsense. During a new interview on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, James disagreed with co-host Rachel Lindsay that Victoria “fails miserably” at being a villain because, per Lindsay, “you’ve got to be funny” to secure such a role. (Hello, the Corinne Olympios effect.) “Victoria is hilarious. She is one of the wittiest people I’ve ever met,” James responded. “She’s unapologetically herself. She’s the quickest. You’ll say something and she’s got something, and then she’s out. I’m like, What? What did you just say?” Well, Victoria mixed up oil and water with oil and vinegar while trying to go viral, so maybe pay attention?

On Monday’s Bachelor, the episode’s main source of tension came from Victoria declaring that her roommate Marylynn was “psychologically disturbed,” “toxic,” and “manipulative,” which caused her to move out of their room and sleep in the resort’s common area. Victoria proceeded to tell James that Marylynn was allegedly bullying her, despite the show portraying Marylynn as a quiet anthophile who is well liked by the other contestants. Still, Victoria continued her reign of terror by rejecting Marylynn’s attempt to resolve the issue, insisting that she’s “straight-up crazy” and “fake as shit.”

The Bachelor’s Matt James Thinks Victoria Is ‘Hilarious’