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It Is Billy Joel’s Time to Shine on TikTok

Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Photos by @maxmith_/TikTok, @innominate13/TikTok and @caele/TikTok

Gen Z has finally learned about the man who wrote infectious bops from 1971-1993, the Piano Man, master of music William Martin Joel, better known to us as Billy Joel. Over the last few weeks the internet has seen a wave of Billy Joel themed TikToks featuring many of the musician’s hits including “Zanzibar,” “Piano Man,” and “Vienna.” From dance trends, song covers and teens turning to “Vienna” for therapy, his impact has officially reached the next generation. He may not have started the fire back in 1989, but he is spurring a revival in recognition of his talent.

If you’ve been having trouble coordinating your movements and bustin’ it down to recent dance trends, here is the “Zanzibar” dance created by user maxmith_. Its genius lies in its simplicity.

Here’s a tutorial from the creator on how to do it yourself with gumption and without censorship.

It’s fun! It’s goofy! It’s pure Billy Joel bliss!

The dance is also parent friendly, if they are cool with flipping the bird every now and then.

The musically inclined have been offering up their most chaotic covers of “Piano Man,” harmonica and all.

Without looking and reversed hands? The talent!

If you can’t afford therapy, “Vienna” has got you covered, offering a space to simmer in nostalgia and air out grief you didn’t know you had.

Does a more powerfully emotive song exist?

There’s nothing more Hot Girl than listening to “Vienna” and sobbing while reminiscing on a life that’s passed you by.

Tell the haters to keep their opinions about your life to themselves, with the perfect fuck-you track, “My Life.”

Finally, make sure you set aside at least four minutes and four seconds every day for some “Uptown Girl” time.

It Is Billy Joel’s Time to Shine on TikTok