The Weeknd Debuts New Red Suit, Swollen Face in ‘Save Your Tears’ Video

The Weeknd is ready for his post-snub glowup. The pop-R&B superstar released his first music video since being entirely ignored by the awards, where he was expected to be a front-runner for both his hit “Blinding Lights” and album After Hours. And now The Weeknd is showing the Grammys just what they’re missing. His face bandages are off, he’s got a nifty new red suit, and he’s dancing and popping champagne at the club. That’s basically the plot of the latest installment of the After Hours Cinematic Universe — plus another dangerous woman involved, but that’s nothing new for Abel. So is this the end of the adventures of Abel Tesfaye? Or will we get another installment before the big finale that’s bound to be his Super Bowl performance? Regardless, he surely has enough red suits for whatever’s next.

The Weeknd Debuts New Red Suit in ‘Save Your Tears’ Video