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And Now, TikTok’s #JunebugChallenge Comes to Break Arms

Creator of the Junebug challenge, Junebug. Photo: @juneelite/Instagram

Attention to those with bad knees: If the #BussItChallenge proved too hard on your joints, there’s already a new viral TikTok dance challenge perfectly suited to you. Named after the challenge’s creator, Junebug, the goal of the “Junebug challenge” is to keep it moving — arms, back, hands — and do it wherever you can, including but not limited to on roofs, on top of cars, and in the middle of fields, all to the track “Beat Box,” by Floridian trap rapper SpotemGottem. The dance moves in question are a more kinetic if not spastic version of the “Shmoney Dance,” which originated in 2014 with Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda. Below, we rounded up some of the best takes on the Junebug challeng so far from folks like rapper Saweetie, the Browns, and Lebron James. Now, “run and get started” on making your own version, but try not to cause bodily harm.

Start with a couple of the best from creator Junebug, who really takes his challenge all over town and his apartment complex.

Saweetie really took the challenge global with the help of a green screen.

Lots of athletes have been rising to the challenge, including the Cleveland Browns …

… the Carolina Panthers …

… and even the G.O.A.T., Lebron James.

Just look at these two best friends snacking, lifting weights, and tossing a basketball together, all while throwing everything in motion.

These friends prove that the farther away the cameraman, the better.

Imagine you’re just trying to get your teeth cleaned, and your dentist is doing THIS behind you.

Or better yet, imagine you’re trying to give BIRTH and your sister comes in, arms flailing.

These queens are traveling in style, and when the flight attendant joins in? Legendary.

There’s also a version in which you try to jump-scare your unsuspecting parent or partner, but be ready for it to not always go your way, as you can see here with these two brave girls and their mom.

Here’s your reminder to take your birth control to avoid having grandchildren who force you to participate in internet trends when you are 80.

Mama came in swinging on this one; you know this is not her first fight.

And this poor girl, her friend had her jumping like she saw a ghost.

To try the challenge yourself, start tapping into your creativity and get that back poppin’ with a step-by-step guide from Junebug himself.

And Now, TikTok’s #JunebugChallenge Comes to Break Arms