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Chloe Bailey Sages the TL

Chloe Bailey imparted some sage Insta-wisdom with her sage burning, good vibes video on Saturday Photo: Chloe Bailey/Instagram

As Kourtney Kardashian(’s ghost blogger) once wrote on her lifestyle website Poosh, the practice of “burning sage as a sacred herb to spiritually cleanse a physical space, an aura, or an energetic or spiritual field” dates back thousands of years and has marked benefits. And there is no space that needs a thorough spiritual deep-cleanse more than our timelines, which every hour of every day overload us with terrible things. Enter Chloe Bailey’s Instagram. Not one fully day after we celebrated the singer’s solo Instagram account for giving us formerly finsta-bound content like her bisexually backlit #SilhouetteChallenge entry, Bailey cleansed the timeline, literally, with a video of herself lighting sage and dancing in her bedroom to “Wolfcat” by Still Woozy. It’s a short dose of extremely good vibes to break up your chilly winter Saturday in this second year of the pandemic. May it inspire all of us to dance pants-less in our own bedrooms.

Update Sunday, January 31: Can’t we have even one nice moment? On Sunday, Chloe took to Instagram Live (captured below by Twitter users @GloriaAlamrew and @ungodlyera) to address, through tears, her reaction to hostile comments about her recent posts, specifically about showing her body.

“It has taken me a lot to appreciate myself and my body,” the singer says. “There’s been so many times where I felt I wasn’t pretty enough, where I have a lot of issues with my weight, so it’s a pivotal time for me. I’m just now learning at 22, almost 23, that it’s okay to be all that you are and to stand in that power.” Said Bailey, “I’m not going to change who I am. If I did, I would be a Catfish, and all of you wouldn’t see the real me.”

Chloe Bailey Sages the TL