Gwen Stefani’s New Music Video Is Zoom-Bombed by More Gwen Stefanis

For the 24th day of Christmas, my true Gwen gave to me: 12 Gwens a-skanking. Last December, Gwen released her first new non-Yuletide single in over a year, aptly titled “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.” On January 1, Stefani dropped the song’s music video, which features some “2020 202020 vision” touches like face masks and hand sanitizer, but more importantly, serves as a sort of reunion for Gwens of all eras. There’s “Hollaback” Gwen, “Don’t Speak” Gwen, “Sweet Escape” Gwen, “Ex-Girlfriend” Gwen, all moshing on a soundstage and in little Zoom windows. Even the Harajuku Girls make an appearance. The video is mostly an excuse for Gwen to show us that she can still pull off crop tops and pink hair thanks to her Old Guardlevel immortality, but it’s also an excuse for her to show off her engagement ring in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment at the two-minute mark. And you thought you were getting out of this music video Blake Shelton-free.

Gwen Stefani’s Music Video Zoom-Bombed by More Gwen Stefanis