Come and Play With Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day’s Creepy SNL Twins

As pop culture has shown us time and again, there’s little that cannot be improved by the presence of weird twins (see: The Leftovers, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s entire oeuvre), and Saturday Night Live’s requisite GameStop sketch was no exception. The sketch starts out as a financial news segment about this week’s short-squeeze mess, but before you can brace yourself for stonk jokes, things take a very welcome left turn into nightmare territory when guest Craig (John Krasinski) introduces his creepy twins, played by Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day. Craig is nothing but proud of Josephine and Jacob, even as they become increasingly threatening and reveal troubling facts about themselves, including their love for “mustard on toast.” “Why does Dale disagree with you, father?” Josephine asks, before exacting her revenge on Beck Bennett’s news anchor.

Come and Play With Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day’s SNL Twins