Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson Fell Off the Stage on SNL Last Night

Maybe you missed it, or you turned off your TV after the final sketch, but last night’s Saturday Night Live featured the kind of accident you normally see in football games or America’s Funniest Home Videos reruns. The scene was perfectly set. The Studio 8H band was playing its “that’s the end of the show, good night folks!” sleepy-time jazz. Everyone was doing their hugging and schmoozing, masks on, as the credits started to roll. Aidy Bryant was off to the side, dressed as a giant cockroach for reasons that made sense in a 10-to-1 sketch about Ratatouille. And as Pete Davidson went in for a hug with musical guest Machine Gun Kelly, Kelly scooped Pete up by the knees, and they both tumbled over backward off the stage. Machine Gun Kelly is six-four, so that’s a pretty big fall. Just watch the expression Bowen Yang makes as he watches it go down. Look at his hands. Host John Krasinski jumps down off camera to help the sweet doofs up. But did they learn their lesson? Of course not. As the credits continued and Pete and Kelly were safely back onstage in the crowd, Pete then picked Kelly up and threw him over his own shoulder like a sack o’ spuds. Never let anyone tell you sketch comedy is not a contact sport.

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson Fell Off the SNL Stage