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Queen Latifah, a Woman With No Equals, Stars in The Equalizer Teaser

Queen Latifah is a woman without equals, only royal subjects, so it is our opinion that Queen Latifah cannot equalize, only elevate. But in some beautiful twist of fate, she’s starring in CBS’s upcoming television adaptation of the 2014 Denzel Washington sledge-fest The Equalizer. On January 9, CBS released a 30-second teaser for the show on Twitter, and it does in fact kick tushy. The trailer shows Latifah playing Robyn McCall, a CIA special-ops agent who quits her job to take on a “side gig” of busting down doors, taking down baddies, apparently rescuing trafficked girls, and barrel-rolling away from explosions without losing her earrings. Among the people in her life who are concerned about her are her daughter (Laya DeLeon Hayes) and a shady character played by Chris Noth holding an umbrella. The Equalizer premieres on February 7 on CBS, in that sweet, sweet post-Super Bowl spot.

Queen Latifah Kicks Tushy in The Equalizer Teaser