Blink and You’ll Miss Selena Gomez in Her New Music Video ‘Baila Conmigo’

Did you see Selena Gomez in the new music video for her single “Baila Conmigo”? No? Well, check again because we swear she’s in there. On Friday, January 28, actress, pop star, and budding chef Selena Gomez dropped the music video for “Baila Conmigo,” the second single off her recently announced Spanish-language seven song EP REVELACIÓN, set to drop on March 12. However, if you were expecting to see a lot of the Rare singer in the video, think again, as Gomez pops up only a handful of times in the video for her duet with Puerto Rican rapper and singer Rauw Alejandro, choosing to let two young, star-crossed lovers dance up a storm on the beach and ride motorcycles instead of starring in her own video. It’s fitting considering the English translation of the title is “Dance With Me.” Check out the music video for “Baila Conmigo” and see if you can spot Selena Gomez as she channels her inner elusive chanteuse.

Try and Find Selena Gomez in her ‘Baila Conmigo’ Vid