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Of Course, Vanilla Ice Performed at Trump’s Cursed Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve Party

Photo: Getty Images

While you were sitting at home on New Year’s Eve, respecting your city’s COVID-19 regulations and doing your civic duty to curb a deadly pandemic, Trump threw a mask-less party at his den of iniquity, Mar-a-Lago. And who better to ring in the new year with the soon-to-be-former President and his cronies than Vanilla Ice, a man who hasn’t been relevant since the mid 90s. After a few cover bands that were absolutely not paid enough for this gig, Vanilla Ice, wearing a tuxedo vest and white flat brim hat, performs his one song (you know the one) to a crowd of white, pasty, mask-less Trumpers. While Donald apparently missed the festivities (sad!), the video shows Don Jr. painfully attempting to dance to “Play That Funky Music” (sadder!) led by Mr. Ice (saddest!). Other guests who flouted Palm Beach’s COVID-19 guidelines to spend up to $1000 to see Vanilla Ice perform during a pandemic include but are not limited to Rudy Giuliani, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and a guy I went to college with who used to climb lamp posts and bash his skull into them (true story). From the looks of a video of the NYE party currently going viral on Twitter, the event had huge “worst bar mitzvah of the year” energy. Feast your eyes on what scientists have determined to be the worst party of 2020 and be thankful that you didn’t end the year by contracting COVID watching Vanilla Ice perform at Trump’s NYE party.

Vanilla Ice Performed at Trump’s Cursed Mar-a-Lago NYE Party