Zoë Kravitz Files for Divorce from Husband Karl Glusman

Zoë and Karl. A classic short n’ tall couple. Photo: Getty Images

The 2020 wave of coronavirus-era celebrity divorces strikes again. In proof that even the world’s most beautiful people get divorced, People reports that Zoë Kravitz filed for divorce from her husband of 18 months, actor Karl Glusman, on December 23. The couple had been together since 2016, announced their engagement in 2018, and were wed on June 29, 2019 in Paris. Together, they were dog-parents to Scout, a dog that looks like a direwolf, because that’s exactly the majestic pet you’d expect Zoë Kravitz to have.

Kravitz’s Instagram still has photos of Glusman up and tagged, including a wedding anniversary post and one from his birthday — today last year — captioned, “happy birthday butthead. i love you more than you know.”

Glusman, meanwhile, has wiped all of his old posts, and the two new ones he’s posted in the past five days are certainly … esoteric.

Our thoughts are with Scout at this time.

Zoë Kravitz Files for Divorce From Husband Karl Glusman