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Amazon Is Developing a TV Series to Answer the Question of Who Killed Tulum?

Tulum, somewhat alive. Photo: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Was it the tourists, the DJs, the seaweed, or all of the above? Soon, maybe you might have an answer. Amazon is developing a new TV series based off of New York Magazine’s own investigation into the question of Who Killed Tulum?, the beachside haven in Mexico that has of late been overrun with partygoers and shoddy development. Based on Reeves Wiedeman’s original article, the TV series, developed by Amazon, New York Magazine, Vox Media Studios, and Annapurna’s TV arm, will graft in a story of its own written by Mehar Sethi, of BoJack Horseman and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The show, according to a plot description “is about a spoiled Mexican party-boy and a high-strung American woman who each seek a new life in the burgeoning resort town of Tulum circa 2007, a paradoxical paradise where extravagance has an ethos and glamour has a dark side. It tracks the rise and fall of a city, a generation and an era.” The show joins a number of New York Magazine articles in the works for TV, including Amazon and Blmhouse’s series based on Ezra Marcus and James D. Walsh’s Sarah Lawrence cult series, and Netflix and Shonda Rhimes’s Inventing Anna, based on Jessica Pressler’s piece on fake heiress Anna Delvey. New York Mag stories have also been the basis for films like Hustlers, American Gangster, Taxi, Grey Gardens, and Saturday Night Fever. Good for us! Now, where can we set up a proper destructive beach rager to celebrate?

Amazon Developing TV Series to Answer Who Killed Tulum?