Anne Hathaway Was the Ninth Choice to Play Andy in The Devil Wears Prada

There are some “what ifs” in Hollywood history that so fundamentally reshape your view of how the world could have been, that reality itself suddenly seems distressingly malleable; you are no longer on solid ground. This is how many RuPaul’s Drag Race viewers surely felt last night when Anne Hathaway made a guest appearance via Zoom (an Emmy for her ring light, please) and revealed that she almost didn’t get cast as Andy in The Devil Wears Prada. After a harrowing bit of internal casting drama on Drag Race in which Rosé had to audition for her peers to play the role of “Foxy” in “Social Media the Unverified Rusical,” she asked Hathaway, “Of your many movie roles, were there any that you had to, like, fight tooth and nail for?” Hathaway answered with a dram of piping hot oolong: “I will give you some tea. I was the ninth choice for Devil Wears Prada.” The shock of it all! Hathaway doesn’t say who the first eight choices are, nor does she say who she had to poison to get the part (kidding, kidding), but she does say, “But I got it, hang in there, never! Give! Up!” We won’t spoil who ended up winning this episode of Drag Race, but we’ll just say, when Anne Hathaway shares inspirational stories and insider Hollywood tea, magical things happen.

Anne Hathaway Was the Ninth Choice for The Devil Wears Prada