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Meanwhile, Clare and Dale Are Really Selling Their Reconciliation

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

While The Bachelor continues to deal with an astonishing racial reckoning around Matt James’s season, here’s something petty to tide us over until his inevitable breakup. The Daily Mail has published photos of former Bachelorette leading lady Clare Crawley and her season’s winner, Dale Moss, frolicking around a Florida beach and kissing in the sand on February 21. If this means nothing to you, consider yourself lucky that you didn’t have to endure the ups and downs of their romantic saga: After unprecedentedly cutting her Bachelorette season short last summer to leave early with him and get engaged, Crawley was dumped by Moss in January via a typo-ridden Instagram statement, which she claims came as a complete shock. Despite ending their engagement on such seemingly acrimonious terms, the duo was spotted hanging out in Florida last week, with the kissing photos serving as the first confirmation that some sort of reconciliation is going on. Knowing Crawley, she probably couldn’t stay away from his carousel of social-media selfies.

Meanwhile, Clare and Dale Are Selling Their Reconciliation