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Ariana Grande Drops Positions (Deluxe) With 5 New Positions for You to Try

Photo: Ariana Grande/YouTube

Princess Ari is back and she wants to show you all the tricks up her extremely long sleeves. At midnight on Friday, February 19, Ariana Grande dropped Positions (Deluxe) an expanded (and capitalized) version of her 2020 album positions. The expanded album includes five new tracks, including “34+35 Remix” featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. For those expecting to spend all night learning Grande’s new songs, be warned: The five songs amount to about 10 minutes of music in total. That being said, they are absolutely in theme with the recently engaged Grande’s original album, with “test drive,” and “main thing” standing out as both particularly theatrical and particularly horny. Musicologists are still trying to determine the exact amount of descending fourths featured on the deluxe edition, but rest assured, they’re there. Listen to Ariana Grande’s Positions (Deluxe) and have the most theatrically horny ten minutes and 34 seconds of your life.

Ariana Grande Drops Positions (Deluxe) With 5 New Tracks