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Andy Samberg Texted Colin Jost for a Dick Pic During Seth Meyers Interview

For an interview that was meant to promote a children’s movie, Colin Jost’s appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers got real weird, real fast. The past and present Weekend Update anchors were speaking about Jost’s experience filming the upcoming Tom & Jerry when Meyers interrupted, saying, “This is pretty rare, but we just got some news. Andy Samberg has reached out. He wants you to check your phone right now.” Jost had been Zooming from his camera, so he had to turn his video off as he read Samberg’s incoming text messages: “Hey, are you on with Seth right now for your interview? Reminder to turn off alerts on your laptop. [Photo of me.] This you? If you don’t turn off alerts, it will keep popping up and interrupting. Can be very annoying.” As Jost read Samberg’s ridiculous texts out loud to Meyers, more kept coming in: “Anyway, hope you getting these in real time so it doesn’t become annoying if someone texts you while it’s happening. Might be bad TV. Nielsen ratings could get screwy.”

At this point, you could hear Meyers’s production team cracking up in the background. “Full disclosure, on peyote right now. Don’t be mad. Dick pic?” Meyers had to interrupt: “Is he asking if you want one, or is he asking you to send one?” Samberg texted Jost his answer, “Get or send.” The extended bit was a ludicrous piece of late night subterfuge, and a demonstration of how strong Andy Samberg’s comedic voice is: It totally comes across through Jost reading his texts aloud with his screen turned off. By the end of the tomfoolery, which featured Jost questioning his Harvard classmate Pete Buttigieg’s new position as the Secretary of Transportation (“Railroads? He would just do railroads?”) Meyers threatened to not plug Tom & Jerry at all. All this, and we didn’t even get to see the dick pics.

Andy Samberg Texted Colin Jost for Dick Pics on Seth Meyers