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Cruella Trailer: Emma Stone Is You in Middle School at Hot Topic

Oh yes, Cruella is still happening. Over a year since the first image of Emma Stone as Cruella hit the internet, Disney has finally released the poster and trailer for the live-action prequel story of the dog-hating villainess who was first seen in 101 Dalmatians. Set to dive into de Vil’s backstory, Cruella will take place in the punk-rock era of 1970s London. In voiceover, Stone’s raspy accent explains that Cruella’s whole life people were scared of her. Scared that she’s “a psycho,” she cackles. “How does the saying go?” she teases. “I am woman. Hear me roar.” Weirdos and outcasts, assemble your uniform: Cruella’s got two-tone hair, a beauty mark, smoky eye, and dark lip. We’re putting on our black Doc Martens as we speak. Cruella, also starring Emma Thompson and Walter Hauser, opens in theaters May 28, 2021. Black and white spots after Labor Day? So in!

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Cruella Trailer: Emma Stone Is 8th Grade You at Hot Topic