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Dean Edwards and Godfrey Agree: Dan Aykroyd Is the Nicest Guy

This week on Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well, we have two friends who are also two veteran stand-up comedians. Godfrey and Dean Edwards have known each other “forever,” but can most recently be seen in the second season of Netflix’s Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready. Though an epic snow event in NYC stranded Godfrey in Florida for a night, the show must go on, and the two finally reunited for an Instagram Live chat about how far they’ve come and what happens when you end up running into a celebrity you do an impression of (this has happened to them kind of a lot!).

But of all the huge stars these two have met and worked with, there is one man who is revered by both. Of course, I mean Dan Aykroyd: SNL alum, Blues Brother, Ghostbuster, purveyor of Crystal Skull vodka, and apparently the nicest man in the world. Godfrey shared his story of meeting Aykroyd when working as the warm-up comic on Aykroyd’s ABC sitcom Soul Man. “No one gives a fuck about the warm-up guy,” Godfrey said. “He comes up to me by himself and says, ‘That’s a really hard job. You are so funny, man.’” “Aykroyd is dope,” Edwards, a former SNL cast member himself, agreed, as he reminisced about a night in 2002 when Aykroyd came up to Studio 8H to just hang out. “Aykroyd was just hella cool, ‘cause all of the SNL vets — and I ain’t gonna say who wasn’t — but all of them weren’t always welcoming and friendly.” He added, “Dan Aykroyd was so cool, at that same show my parents came to it, and it was him, and I think Jim Belushi was smoking weed. But they were smoking weed near our table at the after-party, so my mother was like, ‘They’re smoking weed. People are gonna think it’s us! We’re the only Black people in here!’” There you have it: Dan Aykroyd is so cool that it’s gonna upset your mom.

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Dean Edwards and Godfrey Agree: Dan Aykroyd Is the Nicest