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Alright, Alright, the Emmys Won’t Combine Their Variety Sketch and Talk Show Awards, Jeez

Photo: Virginia Sherwood/Peacock

Fine, fine, the Television Academy has heard your argument and they’re willing to admit when they’re wrong. According to Variety, the Academy has decided to reverse their previous decision, announced back in December, to combine their Variety Sketch Series and Variety Talk Series awards for this year’s 73rd Emmy awards since they are, technically speaking, different kinds of television programs. Still, the Academy “remains concerned” about the “relatively small pool of entries in the variety sketch genre,” which seems like just the call to arms for more sketch comedy that we can get behind.

“While the Academy remains concerned about the number of series produced and the relatively small pool of entries in the variety sketch genre, it acknowledges that the differences between variety sketch and talk programs merit separate consideration,” they said in a statement released Friday. “As the Academy continues to engage with industry leaders and constituents, it will always endeavor to uphold the integrity of the competition and be as fair as possible.”

Having initially split the categories in 2015, the decision to re-combine them, strongly opposed by potentially-nominated shows and their networks, would have pitted series like Saturday Night Live against more traditional late-night talk shows like The Amber Ruffin Show, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. So, congratulations, every sketch show that exists, for most likely getting nominated. Honestly, you’ve earned it.

Emmys Won’t Combine Variety Sketch and Talk Awards After All