Everything Bobby Shmurda Has Done So far Post-Prison

Bobby Shmurda, legally Ackquille Pollard. Photo: Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET

After spending nearly seven years in prison, Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda is heading home. Legal name Ackquille Pollard, the viral artist was freed on February 23, 2021, after prison officials determined that he was eligible for a conditional release. Pollard will still serve out the rest of his term under parole supervision. His release reunites him with his collaborator Rowdy Rebel (Chad Marshall), who was freed from state prison two months ago. The two men, along with Nicholas “Flea Montana” McCoy pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and fourth-degree conspiracy. Prosecutors argued that the group of burgeoning hip-hop musicians, who called themselves GS9, were engaged in gang violence with several other crews in Brooklyn. Bobby Shmurda has already met up with Quavo of the Migos, who took a private jet to pick him up, and made sure to FaceTime his family. “I am so overwhelmed,” his mom, Leslie Pollard, wrote on Instagram. “And in 6 years 2 months and 5 days and 5.5hrs, I finally feel like myself again” Here’s what Bobby Shmurda has been up to since his release him from prison.

First thing, Bobby Shmurda FaceTimed his mom, who adorably goes by @ma_ma_shhh online.

Biggz Locain gave fans a behind-the-scenes of the jet on Instagram Live and posted the first pic celebrating his release.

Quavo came through on his promise. In this video, he, Shmurda, and what looks like Karen Civil, host of “Welcome to My Neighborhood,” and a documentary crew step out of the jet. Rowdy Rebel appeared in her hometown interview series back in January. “Did Six And Didn’t Switch,” Quavo wrote. “Welcome Home!”

You would hug music legend and Epic Records CEO Sylvia Rhone like this, too, if she was presenting you with your multiple platinum and gold records. The rapper’s single “Hot Nigga” went 5x platinum, “Bobby Bitch” was certified platinum, and his album Shmurda She Wrote earned gold.

By the way, those “Shmurda Kits” are Louis Vuitton and they were hand-painted by Black American contemporary artist Al-Baseer Holly.

Somewhere so close to the water that the living room looks like an infinity pool, Quavo shares a few spare stacks.

And it feels so good. Rowdy Rebel’s single “Computers” featuring Bobby Shmurda also earned its gold RIAA certification on Tuesday.

“My God Babiesssssss,” Shmurda captioned his first post back.

Everything Bobby Shmurda Has Done So far Post-Prison