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HFPA Tells Nominees to Stay Home and Not Party for the Bicoastal Golden Globes

You won’t be seeing anything like this at the 2021 Golden Globes ceremony. Photo: YouTube

Emily in Paris? More like Emily in PJs. Variety reports that the 90 or so foreign journalists who comprise the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and torture us regale us each year via the Golden Globes have asked nominees to stay at home and not attend the proceedings in person, because … well, you know why. “It is our most important goal to keep the production of the 2021 Golden Globes safe,” reads a letter from production emailed to the nominees on Tuesday afternoon. “That’s why we are following all COVID protocols and guidelines outlined by the appropriate governmental offices/agencies, including the CDC, federal and local health departments, as well as those required in the entertainment industry back to work agreements.” While it seems the Golden Globes are taking the utmost precaution when it comes to their nominees, for the presenters it’s a different story. Last week, the HFPA invited presenters including Cynthia Erivo, Awkwafina, and midwestern queens Barb and Star to appear in person at the Beverly Hilton or New York’s Rainbow Room with hosts Amy Poehler in L.A. and Tina Fey in NYC.

Not only are this year’s honorees being asked to stay at home this year, the HFPA is asking nominees to stay at home with members of their own households, so don’t expect to see a glitzy, Canadian Schitt’s Creek–style Emmy party when the event airs on February 28. “Our vision for the show is to have our nominees in a safe place, preferably their homes, surrounded only by people in their immediate households. The production is not comfortable with any other gatherings that are not supervised by our team. Thank you for understanding.” Looks like this year Hollywood’s wildest party won’t hold a candle to Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, and Jamie Dornan hitting the town in Vista Del Mar.

Golden Globe Nominees Told to Stay Home Due to COVID-19